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Looking to sell your used vehicle to get cash fast for something new? Don't know what to do with the old family car that doesn't run anymore? Tired of wasting space in the garage with the clunker you just can't get rid of? Call Cash For Cars Loma Linda to let us take your unused cars and turn them into cash fast!


What do we do?

Cash For Cars Loma Linda is an automotive buying service that has been in the business of buying unwanted cars for over ten years. We strive to relieve people of the burden of selling their new, used and damaged cars. Our simple and pain-free guarantee not only saves you time but puts cash in your hands quickly. The process of selling a used car takes a great deal of effort and money, and who needs added stress to their already hectic schedule? When you sell your car in Loma Linda, we take your vehicle as-is, with no questions asked. Are you looking to sell your car but worried about transportation after the sale? We save you the trouble of traveling by coming to you! No commuting, no negotiating, no hassle- it's as easy as that! Give us a call today to sell your car in Loma Linda and let us take care of the rest!

How does the process work?

Give us a call at 856-323-3233 to speak with one of our customer service representatives. All we need is a few pieces of information about your car to give you a quote in minutes. After that, we come to you to pick up your car and you get paid fast!

Our team is dedicated to providing the most competitive and accurate quotes right on the spot, saving you time and ensuring you get the most bang for your buck. Call today to find out from our knowledgeable and friendly staff about how you can get the compensation you deserve - at no cost to you.

Why sell to Cash for Cars Loma Linda?

No-Stress Sale

No one wants to take on the task of coming up with a classified ad and waiting for the right offer to come along. It could be weeks before you get a response from a serious buyer and you almost never get someone willing to pay your asking price. our Loma Linda Buyers takes on the responsibility handling your unwanted vehicle and you get cash for it immediately! The competition for selling used cars online and in newspapers is fierce, making it a buyer's market. As a result, you're almost always guaranteed to receive less than what your asking price is. We take vehicles in all conditions, including junk, damaged and inoperable cars, even new cars!

Forget the Inspection Station

When selling your car on your own, you are responsible for providing the buyer with a valid smog inspection certification at the time of the sale. Making sure your vehicle passes the smog test requires you to schedule a visit to a California Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) station and pay a nominal fee.

When you sell your car to our Loma Linda Buyers, we take it as-is - no smogging necessary.


No Cleaning Costs

There are tons of used cars in the classifieds and being listed online. In typical private sales, you're expected to clean the car and make sure everything is running smoothly. Getting attention from serious buyers means you need to wash, wax and scrub your car to ensure it's in tip-top shape.

This means more time taken out of your busy schedule and more money from your wallet being spent.

We Come To You

When you sell your car to our Loma Linda Buyers, we come to you! No longer will you have to pay outrageous tow truck fees to get that car with a broken engine off your property. Say "bye, bye" to waiting around for serious buyers and arranging appointments around their schedule. We know your time is precious and that's why we don't waste it! Selling your vehicle to our Loma Linda Buyers means no waiting around, at no cost to you, no questions asked. And even if we are not able to buy your car in the Chula Vista area then we will put you in contact with someone who buys cars for cash. So, as you can see we are there to assist you.