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We buy cars no matter what condition they are in. We are committed to making sure you get the best price for any kind of vehicle you're looking to sell, whether it's new, junk or damaged. Hey, it could just be an average car you're looking to make a quick profit off of. Loma Linda is proud to say that we take them all!


Nice Cars

If your vehicle runs smoothly, is aesthetically appealing and has no history of extensive repairs or damage, we would consider this to be of great value. You may find yourself inheriting a nice car that you find no use for or simply want to trade it in exchange for cash. Our staff is eager to pay you generously so don't hesitate to find out more by giving us a call!


Junk Cars

Junk cars are ones that are considered to be of low value. This could be due to the fact that it's an old model, is stationary (has been parked for a while or been sitting on someone's property) or is generally of no use to you. Junk cars typically lack registration, which requires continuous upkeep and inspections. If your car is unable to pass these tests, they're not worth holding onto.


Something In Between

Your vehicle intended for sale could fall somewhere between the spectrum of new and junk, making it an average car. Though it still runs fairly well, it may have extremely high mileage. It could be in need of some repairs, though not impossible to maintain. Average cars typically serve their purpose as far as being reliable and unproblematic.


Damaged Car

Aside from selling it for scrap metal (and making an extremely small profit), many times you won't be able to find a shop willing to pay a decent price for your damaged car. These vehicles would be described as those that have extensive damages and/or are inoperable.