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Consider the following questions: Do you have a car that's spent more time in the repair shop than on the road? Is it full of rust, dings and dents, making every drive an embarrassing routine? Are you losing sleep at night wondering if your car will start tomorrow? At Loma Linda we accept any vehicle in any condition and you get cash on the spot!


Constant Repairs Drain Your Wallet

Survived a Wreck

Constant Repairs Drain Your Wallet

Funding trips to the mechanic shop every now and then may not seem too costly, but they do add up over time. Not to mention, if it's an old model with a lot of miles on it, you are putting yourself and other passengers in danger every time you take it on the road. Many cars that are 20 years old and older lack the safety features that are considered standard today. If you find yourself worrying more often than not about your car's capability to get you to the places you need to be, it's a junk car.

Survived a Wreck

It's been through a car crash and remained intact- but it's severely damaged. Whether it's a massive dent rendering it visually unappealing or an internal part that's become permanently impaired, you may have a junk car on your hands.

It's Just Collecting Dust And Possibly...

Pests looking for a home. If your car has been sitting in the garage collecting dust, it may have also become a home for rodents and other unwanted creatures.

Selling Your Junk Car In Loma Linda

Holding onto a vehicle that's in constant need of repairs only costs you more money in the long run. With every car, there comes a point where you are dumping money into it without replenishing its value. If you've found this to be the case with your car, Cash For Cars Loma Linda will not only take the burden off your hands, but pay you for it too.
Selling your car after a wreck through a private listing is almost impossible. Websites like CarFax make all of your vehicle's history available for prospective buyers, leaving you stuck with an unwanted car that you're unable to get rid of. We can help ease the loss of your car by getting you cash for it quickly and easily.

Holding onto an inoperable vehicle only does the environment a disservice by sitting and rotting. It also takes up valuable space on your property. Call for your free quote today to find out how you can transform your junk car from an eyesore to a profit!